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Theresa Miles

Center Director

We will give best service in a friendly environment.

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Our clinic is equipped with the latest medical equipment, enabling accurate diagnosis and innovative treatment options for patients. We are very happy to meet the physical, mental, and emotional need of each of our patients. 


Provide nebulizer therapy for asthmatic patient

Cognitive Assessment

Multiaspect assessment of suspected cases of dementia/memory loss that disrupts daily life.


Vaccination services for adult and children

Minor Surgery
Perform minor surgical procedures such as toilet and suturing, removal of lump/cyst/foreign body
Health Screening
To perform procedures such as blood tests, urine tests, ECG and pap smear test


To perform bedside scan such as neck, antenatal, gynaecology, abdomen, kidney-ureters-bladder.

Family Planning and Contraceptive
To provide better pregnancy journey and birth control plan
General Medical Check Up

To screen for new chronic illnesses as well as detection of progressive illness

In House Test

Able to produce instant blood and urine results

Supply Special Drug

Glowmedics Clinic not just diagnose and prescribe drugs but also supply special drugs that are prescribed by hospital specialists at patients’ convenient, for example Cresemba (antifungal Isavuconazole),  Plavix,  Vastarel XR etc.  This aims to avoid unnecessary long hospital waiting time, difficulty parking issue and etc.   

 We will also provide help to enroll patients to available programmes offered by drug companies in order to get the best benefit (in terms of pricing, additional samples etc) for patients.

Wound Care

Glowmedics Clinic provide post-operative wound care, suture removal, wound assessment/suturing/debridement, different dressings according to types of wounds and also treatment for infected wound.

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