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Glowmedics is committed to giving clients high-quality medical care. Our clinic has a group of competent and compassionate medical specialists that are dedicated to providing personalized attention and ensuring your well-being.

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Glowmedics is here to provide you with high-quality health care services

Glowmedics Clinic is a new established clinic in Bandar Puteri Puchong, Selangor. As one of many GP clinics located in Puchong, Glowmedics is dedicated to delivering a high standard of GP practice (investigation, diagnosis and disease management).  Glowmedics catered to all kinds of general illnesses as well as cognitive diseases.

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We provide a range of packages with affordable prices for customers to get a better life quality together with family.

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Blood Test

A blood test is a diagnostic technique that involves drawing blood from a patient for the purposes of chemistry analysis and medical diagnosis.


Maternity and antenatal care refer to medical care provided to pregnant women during their pregnancy, childbirth, and the postpartum period.

clinic in Puchong

H.Pylori Breath Test

The H. pylori breath test detects Helicobacter pylori bacteria in the stomach. Bacteria like H. pylori can cause stomach inflammation, ulcers, stomach cancer and other digestive issues.

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We offer a wide variety of the highest quality services to help families improve their standard of living.

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Client's Testimonial

“I had a treatment done at Glowmedics Clinic in Puchong and was quite anxious about it, but the staff there put me at ease and did a great job. The doctors were knowledgeable, courteous and the aftercare was superb.”

Ming Yue
“The interior of the clinic is very comfortable and tidy. The doctor is very kind and makes me feel comfortable to have treatment here.”
Erin Kew
“As a mother, finding a trusted clinic is important, and I’m so glad I found Glowmedics Clinic. All staff treat my child well and ensure a happy environment..”

Meet The Experts

Members of Glowmedics are experts in their respective disciplines and will offer highly specialised medical care.
Dr Tan Kian Lee
MB Bch BAO (UK), MRCSEd, MRCSIre, MMed (Surgery), AM (Mal), Dip. Aesthetic Medicine (USA), Cert. in Dermatology Skin Care (Washington D.C), Cert. in Camouflage Therapy (Washington D.C)
Dr Chai Wai Kit


Dr Khoo Boon King


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